JAUNTY Multiplier Event – Transnational Workshop on SEMS and Smart Grids

Smart Grid initiatives seek to improve operations, maintenance and planning in the Electric Grid by enabling the seamless exchange of data. However, two major challenges of Smart Energy Management Systems (SEMS) are a) the ability to detect and prevent critical equipment failures in advance and b) the deployment of device-level alerts regarding unusual patterns of off-hour consumption on the fly.

Going beyond the specific academic and technical skills in the energy domain, students are encouraged to emphasise on their ability to work in an internationally competent environment, in a closely interrelated European Economy. Towards this goal, Higher Education Institutes (HEIs) are in front of the big challenge to create the circumstances and means to offer an international experience even by the so called “Internationalisation at Home”.

The JAUNTY project is a strategic partnership aiming to develop Joint Undergraduate Courses between HEIs for Smart Energy Management Systems. These courses will run in parallel and complementary to “SDN – microgrid reSilient Electrical eNergy SystEm (SDN-microSENSE)” and “Secure and PrivatE smArt gRids (SPEAR)” projects, funded under the H2020 program. In that vein, partner HEIs will build, test and implement new international, market-oriented joint courses, embedded to the curricula as elective courses, delivered through an e-learning platform and remote laboratories.

This transnational event aims to bring together academics, professionals and stakeholders in the ICT and ECE fields to present the current findings and progress of synthesising and analysing the best practices on SEMS training. During the workshop, focus will be given on technical prerequisites, cyberattacks & countermeasures in SEMS, as well as challenges & trends in Smart Grids.

Participants will be introduced to the context of SEMS, their applications in the industry and the rationale of the JAUNTY initiative, resolve any possible questions and also provide valuable feedback.

Target Participants:

Instructors & HEIs representatives

Industrial stakeholders



Wednesday, 1st of December 2021

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Keywords: Smart grid; Smart energy systems; Higher education institutes; Undergraduate courses; Technical skills;



Internet of Things and Applications Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Greece, Kozani,50100, Karamanli & Ligeris Str.

Contact Information

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