The Laboratory of Internet of THings & AppliCAtions (ITHACA) was established in 2020 in the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, University of Western Macedonia. ITHACA’s research activities are focused on the principal areas of the Internet of Things (IoT), including, but not limited to, wireless and optical communication networks, traffic engineering, industrial communication systems security, Big Data applications, and next generation mobile networks.

Among others, ITHACA main goals include:

  • To contribute to the research activities of all Departments of the University of Western Macedonia, in the research areas that fall under ITHACA’s specialties.
  • To collaborate with national and foreign Research Centers and Academic Institutes
  • To organize lectures, seminars, conferences and other scientific events, deliver scientific publications and invite internationally renowned scholars and scientists.

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Where to find us


    Internet of Things and Applications Lab, Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering, Karamanli & Ligeris Str.

    Contact Information

    call: +30 2461 0 56522

    Email: psarigiannidis (at) uowm (dot) gr