Analysis and Simulation of Communication Networks

Basic Simulation Modelling. Systems, Models and Simulation. Different simulation types. Monte Carlo Simulation. Queueing system simulation. Modeling complex systems. Simulation Software (Matlab, ns-2/3, Opnet, OmNET ++, NetSim). Selecting input probability distributions. Generating random numbers and random variates. Statistical analysis of simulation output: Means, variances, confidence intervals etc) [...]

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Big Data and Cognitive Internet of Things Applications

Advanced Topics in the Internet of Things: Mobile and Diffuse Computing Systems, Architectural and Design Issues, and Cloud Computing. Big Data and the Internet of Things: Data Collection, Processing, Storage, Interoperability and Data Analysis. Machine Learning Applications and Data Management from the Internet of Things. Advanced Security and Privacy Issues: Encryption, Authentication, Authorization [...]

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Internet of Things

Basic Subjects of Wireless Sensor Networks, Architecture, Protocols, Operating Systems and Programming of Wireless Sensor Networks. Devices, Communication and Data Processing on the Internet of Things. Schemes and Protocols: CoAP, MQTT, AMQP and 6LoWPAN. Industrial Protocols and Applications. Internet of Things Infrastructures and Synergies with Cloud Infrastructures. Data and Infrastructure Security on the Internet of Things. Protecting Privacy on the Internet of Things. Telemetry, service quality and energy consumption applications.

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Queuing Systems

An Introduction to Queues and Queueing Theory. Study and Evaluation Techniques for Queueing Systems, Telecommunication and Computational Model Systems. Little’s Law. Basic Queueing Theory - I (Analysis of M/M/-/- Type Queues), Basic Queueing Theory - II (Departures, Method of Stages, Batch Arrivals), Birth-Death Processes. Analysis of the simple M/M/1 and M/G/1 Queue. M/M/1/N Queues and Multi-Server Systems : M/M/m, M/M/m/K, M/M/m/m (Erlang – B). Applications and Simulation to Packet Scheduling in High-Speed Networks and Modern Wireless Networks.

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Computer and Network Security

Security background, Threat analysis, Vulnerability points, Techniques on Cryptography, Symmetrical and unsymmetrical cryptography, Authentication, Digital signatures, Security providing protocols, IPSec, SSL, SSH, PGP, MIME, SET. Ports, TCP/IP security, Port scanning, Network security, Information system security, Databases security, Firewalls, Sniffing tools, Defense tools, Intruder Detection Systems (IDSs), OpenSSL, Certificates, Signatures, Security framework institution, Security standards, Security politics, Legal issues.

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