TERMINET – nexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT

TERMINET – nexT gEneRation sMart INterconnectEd ioT

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  • March 7, 2021
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TERMINET aims at providing a novel next generation reference architecture based on cutting-edge technologies such as Software Defined Networking (SDN), multiple-access edge computing (MEC), and virtualisation for next generation IoT. In addition, TERMINET introduces new, intelligent IoT devices for low-latency, market-oriented use cases. Finally, TERMINET intends to bring more efficient and accurate decisions to the point of interest to better serve the final user.

In the context of the fourth industrial revolution, the digitization of infrastructure and processes for processing large volumes of data in real time and with high accuracy is the first priority for the business world and industries. TERMINET aims to define the architectural reference of the Next Generation Internet of Things and to develop competitive data processing and decision-making services in the fields of smart farming, personalized healthcare, smart cities, energy efficient buildings, supply chain optimization, and distance education using the virtual environment and error prediction / prevention in new, intelligent factories. During the three implementation years, new generation devices and appropriate supporting software will be developed, which will be tested in six pilot scenarios of use in industry, energy, food and health, two of which in Greece.

In the field of energy, the tests will be carried out in smart buildings in Andalusia in southern Spain to analyze large volumes of data received from sensors in order to optimize energy consumption.

In industry, the application of new digital technologies involves prediction of failures and reduction of response time and maintenance of industrial equipment in emergencies. The tests will be carried out at the PPC facilities where equipment of the partner companies of the Schneider Electric and Ericsson program is used.

The supply chain of dairy products of the company MEVGAL as well as a mixed farming unit in Xanthi, with smart farming systems for the supervision of livestock units, will be the field of test application as far as the food industry is concerned.

Karolinska Institutet in Sweden and Gemelli University Hospital in Italy will test and evaluate the platform that will be developed for applications in medical care and personal data protection facilities.

The research team, coordinated by TERMINET, will be responsible for managing and conducting open calls to attract innovative solutions from small consortia across Europe, making the University of Western Macedonia a contemporary European Technology Center, and a venue of exchange of ideas and good practice in the context of the new generation of the Internet of Things.

Project Details

Topic Project number Type of Project Duration CORDIS link Website Link
Research Innovation Action
36 months
Categories: 1. H2020
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